Rules & Regulations



  1. In addition to these rules Members are required to observe and perform the rules relating to each individual facility of the Association. Such rules are noted where appropriate.
  2. Access to all Association facilities must be by the designated routes and gates, and members must restrict their movements in no more than three metres from the water’s edge. All gates must be locked on access and egress. Lock combination numbers must be scrambled. Lock codes are confidential and must not be disclosed.
  3. Members must have, and carry with them, a current seasons rod licence, or licences, and membership card with a permanently attached photograph, signed across the photograph, when using the Associations water. These must be produced when requested by a club bailiff, or any other member of the Association. If any of these valid licences cannot be produced you will be asked to leave the water. NO LICENCE NO FISHING.
  4. LITTER, including all line, hooks, shot, bait bags, drink and food containers must be taken away from the Association facilities irrespective of the depositor. All excess ground bait/bait must not be deposited on the bank, or into the water.
  5. Members must observe the byelaws of the appropriate water authority.
  6. The Committee is empowered to amend the byelaws of the local authority provided such amendment is not unlawful.
  7. The Association still water fisheries shall be deemed Course Fisheries on which there will be NO close season. This is UNLESS the Committee issues further instructions.
  8. Members are permitted to use a single rod or pole only at any one time, although additional rods or poles may be assembled but they must not be baited, unless specific fishery rules allow multiple rods.
  9. Anglers must remain within 3 meters of their rods whilst fishing. If a rod is left unattended then the hook and bait must be withdrawn from the water (per Environment Agency Byelaw).
  10. Coarse fish must be returned safely to the water from which they were captured. Live fish cannot be used as bait on Association facilities.
  11. No dogs will be allowed on Association facilities except for bailiff duties, when they must be kept on a leash.
  12. No members are permitted visitors or guests, on Association facilities without prior written permission from the Committee.
  13. Pitching stones must not be removed from the banks or dams of any of the Associations facilities. If pitching stones are accidentally disturbed by a members action, they must be reset immediately, and the Association must be informed.
  14. Members must not deface trees or shrubs, or dig into the banks and fields adjacent to Association facilities.
  15. Members must not light open fires on any of the Association facilities.
  16. Members must not attempt to extract bloodworm or joker from any of the Association facilities.
  17. Members must not commence fishing within ten metres of a fellow member unless such fellow members consent is first obtained, or unless fishing from permanent pegs which may be closer than 10 metres apart.
  18. Members must not erect tents on any Association facility with the exception of fishing umbrellas and/or shelters manufactured specifically as angling shelters.
  19. Livestock must not be disturbed or driven from the water.
  20. Portable radios and recorders may be taken onto the Association facilities but can only be played with an earphone.
  21. Junior members are permitted to use one rod only. A parent or guardian may accompany up to 2 junior members only on facilities permitted for junior members. Senior members may accompany a maximum of two junior members on all Association facilities. Senior members may supervise 2 children up to 8 years old fishing from the same peg, for non specimen fish with one rod only.
  22. No juniors to fish the river, or Rishton reservoir, without a senior member.
  23. Junior members shall not be permitted to fish during the hours of darkness unless accompanied by a senior member.
  24. Association fisheries shown as being used in the Senior and Junior match programmes shall be closed from midnight until after the match on the day it is being fished, except those matches on Rishton Reservoir when the section of the fishery with the pegged match length only, will be closed as above.
  25. Members must cease fishing immediately on any Association facility when an organised work party commences.
  26. Members must not commit, or use Social Media, or cause to be done, anything that may result in angling or the Association being brought into disrepute.
  27. Any member discovering the access to a fishery secured by a RED LOCK must assume that this has been placed by the Fishery Officer for management reasons, and must NOT attempt to gain entry or fish the water.
  28. The field side of Little Rishton is closed to angling and designated a Nature Reserve.
  29. Recreational or illegal drugs will not be tolerated. An immediate ban will follow. Abuse to any other member of the Association will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in being asked to leave the fishery and be reported to the Committee for further action.
  30. The use of spinners and plugs is permitted on all facilities. On still waters of less than one hectare of surface water, the use of spinners and plugs is only permitted when consent of all present co-users of the facility has been obtained.
  31. Fish must not be held in a keep-net for more than five consecutive hours. If fish show signs of acute distress whilst held in a keep-net such fish must be liberated immediately. Carp with the exception of Crucian Carp may only be retained in a keep-net during Association matches. Such nets must satisfy the relevant byelaws. In hot or severely hot weather no keep-nets are to be used and ALL fish must be returned to the water ASAP making sure they are strong enough to swim away. NO RETAINING OF CARP IS PERMITTED.
  32. Keep-nets must be constructed of a knotless material. The minimum requirements to comply with the Environment Agency byelaws - no knotted meshes or meshes of metallic material; no holes in the mesh larger than 25mm internal circumference; not less than 2.0 metres in length; with supporting rings or frames not greater than 40cm apart (excluding the distance from the top frame to the first supporting ring or frame) or not less than 120cm in circumference.
    All specimen anglers must carry a suitable landing net of 1 metre minimum, along with a large padded 50mm minimum unhooking mat, or cradle.
  33. Members fishing Kearns Allens lodges are only allowed to fish 48 hours from arrival time. No return within 48 hours.
  34. MULTIPLE rods on electronic bite alarms are allowed as follows:

    Little Rishton – Two rods
    Big Rishton – Three rods
    Kearns Allen – Two Rods
    Platts – Two rods

  35. All specimen anglers fishing for Carp or Pike must use a ‘none fixed lead system’, that discharges the lead in the event of a break off or snagged line. NO RIGS MUST BE SUPER GLUED. No lead core. Unleaded or fused, safe zone leaders are allowed. Fluorocarbon or monofilament shock leaders are permitted. No stainless steel hooks or bent rigs may be used. No fixed lead rigs, and all leads must pass freely over leader knot. This will be subject to having your rigs checked upon request by a club bailiff or Committee member.
  36. Specimen Anglers must possess Carp Care antiseptic, which must be shown when asked for by an appointed bailiff, and used when required on hook holes or sores. This is also mandatory and any one not carrying the required kit will be asked to leave the fishery, and not return until they have obtained the correct kit.
  37. Members fishing Association waters during the hours of darkness will require a night fishing permit.
  38. Night fishing is only allowed with a night fishing license and permitted on the following waters: Big Rishton Reservoir, Little Rishton Reservoir, Kearns Allen, Platts.
  39. A maximum number of anglers in bivvies is permitted on the following waters: Four on Bottom Kearns Allen; Two on Top Kearns Allen; Three on Little Rishton; Four on Platts
  40. Bailiffs must be granted access to carry out a full inspection of bags and equipment on HBAA facilities and following the angler leaving the facilities.

Match rules

The Match Committee will be responsible for the organising of all matches and any complaints about the Match Committee must be made in writing to the General Secretary.

  1. The Match Committee will be responsible for the organising of all matches and any complaints about the Match Committee must be made in writing to the General Secretary.
  2. The Match Committee is empowered to amend any of the following Rules or make additions thereto, providing there are at least three Match Committee Members present. Any objections to such amendment or addition must be made in writing to the General Secretary.
  3. The water must not be broken before the start signal, save for the purpose of plumbing the depth, mixing groundbait, placing a keep-net, or clearing the peg of rubbish.
  4. All fish qualify for weigh-in except as follows: i. Game fish, sticklebacks, crustaceans and reptiles. ii. Pike on Rishton Reservoir only. (unless deemed by the organiser prior to the event) & for Pike only matches.
  5. Competitors must stay within the vicinity of their peg during the Match. Walking the bank is strictly forbidden. Offenders will be disqualified.
  6. All fish eligible for weigh must be caught and landed by the competitor. Disabled competitors may be allowed assistance at the discretion of the Match Committee.
  7. Any competitor with litter at his or her peg at the end of the match will be disqualified.
  8. Any competitor hooking a fish during the course of the match will be given 20 minutes after the all-out signal to land the fish.
  9. All baits may be used with the exception of artificial lures, fish livebaits and deadbaits. Bloodworm and Joker are prohibited in Junior Section Matches. (Deadbaits may be allowed for pike only matches)
  10. Any complaints arising during a match must be reported to a Member of the Match Committee or an Official Steward within 15 minutes after the all-out signal.
  11. No competitor will be allowed to exchange the peg they have been drawn.
  12. Competitors must be in possession of the appropriate EA Rod Licence prior to commencing fishing.
  13. A competitor may have assembled more than one rod, but only one rod may be baited and used at any one time. A maximum of two hooks per rod is allowed on Rishton only/this will advised on an individual match basis.
  14. If a competitor has a large fish, either too big for his net or showing signs of distress whilst in the net, the fish may be weighed and returned to the water by Member of the Match Committee/appointed Deputy.
  15. No swimming allowed before or during the match, wading is not allowed except in river matches, in which case adjoining swims must not be disturbed.
  16. No competitor may visit the match length after it has been pegged until after the draw.
  17. The Match Secretary or his duly appointed deputy is empowered to inspect the contents of baskets, boxes etc. whilst match competitors are on the match length.
  18. The Match Committee only will be responsible for the weighing and their decision is final.
  19. After the end of a match, excess bait or groundbait must not be disposed of in the water.

Administration and Procedural Rules (Members Only)