River Calder


About This Water

The River Calder, our Home page photograph taken from the road bridge at Whalley, is probably the Association's best river water. It can be pleasantly tranquil during the summer months, yet fiercely competitive when angling through the wintertime. It makes not a scrap of difference when it is fished, for the rewards are always pleasing with the water offering such a variety of fish from the beautiful Grayling to the ferocious Barbel. Other species are Roach, Dace, Chub, Carp, Bream and Trout. As well as the Abbey Stretch, we have the Billington Stretch (opp. Abbey), Factory length, By-Pass length, Workhouse Farm, Altham Bridge, and Dunkirk Farm (caravan site) at Read.

Fish Breeds and Weights

Species Weight Record Catch
Barbel12lbs. 2ozs - John Floyd (21/06/2015)
Chubb4lbs. 12oz - Keith Critchley (31/10/2010)
Grayling2lbs. 10ozs - Chris Shaw (02/03/2015)
B/Trout1lb. 8ozs - Jim Sinclair (12/8/2014)
Eel1lb - Kenneth BOOTH (10/06/2012)

Abbey Stretch

The Abbey Stretch is fishable from the town road bridge Whalley, downstream to the start of the Abbey Orchard. Access is gained through the Abbey main gate, observing the one way system around the quadrangle, and exiting through the gateway in the far left corner. Parking is allowed on the quadrangle, and in the two designated areas alongside the river. Padlocked gates also lead to the bank where marked on the map.

The access to the pegs below the Monitoring Station has been changed to an entry through the grounds, and left through the black gate, into the small garden; this is shown by a dotted line on the map.

Calder 1

Post Code: BB7 9SS

Billington Stretch

The Billington Stretch is the opposite bank to the Abbey Stretch with fishing allowed downstream to the Viaduct. Access is made by going just past the old Judge Walmsley, on Whalley Road, and turning right down Longworth Road to the Viaduct; vehicles cannot go any further. One has then to use the farm track that runs underneath the viaduct, walking upstream along the edge of the meadow. Fishing is allowed from the Viaduct, upstream to the boundary edges of the houses, but NOT in front.


Calder 2

Calder 3
Post Code: BB7 9RW
Grid references for both stretches (opposite banks) - Fish in between these
SD73283 35907 and SD72984 36015
Calder 4

Getting Here

Factory length to By-PassSD72777 36128 to SD72423 36365
Calder 5

Workhouse Farm stretchSD78144 33310 to SD77892 33289
Calder 6

Altham stretchSD77680 33253 to SD77411 33047
Calder 7
Dunkirk Farm Read stretchSD76976 33345 to SD75171 33879

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